Simple Goodness Promise®
We promise to make cereals that balance great taste, quality ingredients and affordability. Everything you want in a cereal and nothing you don’t.

we keep it simple

Artificial Colors and Preservatives

We keep it simple! Our ingredients do not include Certified Synthetic Colors, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Oils, Artificial Flavors or Synthetic Preservatives.

Gluten Free

Some of our Mom’s Best® items are gluten free! Our product packages will always reflect the most current information pertaining to that product. We remind consumers to read the ingredient statement every time they purchase a product to ensure no changes have occurred.

Whole Grain Stamp

Mom’s Best® is a proud member of the Whole Grain Council, an international advocacy group that has been working since 2003 to increase consumption of whole grain for better health, and in 2005 introduced the Whole Grain Stamp, now used on more than 12,000 products in 58 countries. We know families are looking for convenient and affordable ways to eat well, and by putting the stamp on our packaging we hope to make it easier for them to identify our whole grain offerings.

Allergen Labeling

We understand and share the concerns expressed by consumers who are affected by food allergies. Food Allergic consumers should rely on our package ingredient labels for the most accurate information on a product. If a product contains any of the FDA major eight allergens (egg, milk, peanut, tree nut, fish, shellfish, soy, and wheat) it will be clearly listed in the ingredient declaration on the Information Panel below the Nutrition Facts.


Most of our cereal products are Kosher certified. If the product you are interested in is Kosher certified, its packaging will reflect its certification status and category. Kosher certifications may change over time, so the best way to determine a product’s Kosher status is to look at the front of the package. Our product packages will always reflect the most current information.