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Jungle Berry Crunch® Cereal

It’s berry tasty!

Breakfast is a jungle sometimes! When things get wild, this sweet, satisfying cereal will bring the smiles. Filled with flavor and crunch and made with NO artificial flavors or preservatives.

Safari Cocoa Crunch® Cereal

They’ll go wild!

Real cocoa brings the rich deliciousness that everyone loves to this crunchy, gluten free, puffed corn cereal. Great by the bowl or by the handfull!

Toasted Wheatfuls® Cereal

Keep it toasty

Searching for the perfect way to power up the day? Look no further than our Toasted Wheatfuls cereal. Seriously satisfying, it’s rich with fiber, whole grain and toasty goodness.

Mallow Oats® Cereal

Did someone say marshmallows?

Fun, whole grain shapes mixed with delicious marshmallows–there’s something for everyone! Our whole-grain Mallow Oats cereal is a better way to give your kids the kind of cereals they reach for, with no artificial flavors or preservatives or high-fructose corn syrup.

Blueberry Wheatfuls® Cereal

So berry good!

Our Blueberry Wheatfuls Cereal packs a powerhouse of heart healthy fiber. With a scrumptious berry flavor and a light touch of frosting, these shredded wheat biscuits will make everyone happy.