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Mom’s Best Cereals Loves Earth Month

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At MOM Brands, working with green initiatives wherever possible and investigating alternative energy options to reduce our footprint is at the forefront of our sustainability vision. This is why we are once again partnering with the EPA Green Power initiative in 2014. Our primary goals this year are to continue working towards a healthier planet by purchasing wind generated electricity, reducing our wastes, and making and delivering our product to you as efficiently as possible.

But this partnership wouldn’t be possible without an even more important partnership – the one we have with you, our consumers. It has been exciting for us to watch this initiative grow and expand fueled by customer demand for our sustainable-energy products. What you purchase speaks loud and clear, and we at MOM Brands are listening.

Every package of the designated products purchased means more green power purchased by MOM Brands. How do you know which products to purchase? Look for this statement on the package:

We purchase renewable wind energy credits to offset the electricity used to make the cereal in this box”

What does this mean? Monthly electricity use and production pounds are tracked at each manufacturing site. We calculate overall kilowatt-hours (kwh) used per pound of applicable cereal produced and pay for wind power generated elsewhere and put into the local or national grid. The environmental benefits are the same as they would be if we had the resources to plug right into wind generated power.

Some of this energy is purchased from utilities that serve our sites: Xcel Energy’s Windsource in Minnesota, and Rocky Mountain Power’s Blue Sky program in Utah, and some is purchased in the form of renewable energy certificates (RECs). To make sure the RECs are legitimate, we only buy RECs that are certified by a third party organization called Green-e. It is by far the most practical way for us to support renewable energy.

At MOM Brands, sustainability is an important goal to us. We take pride in the fact that we don’t just say we’re green, we tell the consumer exactly what we are doing to make that happen. Thank you for your continued support!