Mom’s Best Naturals Cereals

Posted on by mbcadmin

July 11, 2007

Suggested retail price: $2.29 – $3.29. (Available at Winn-Dixie and at natural food stores.)
Review: If 1967 was the Summer of Love, then 2007 must be the Summer of Cereal. I’ve eaten more cereal in the past three weeks than I have in the past three years, everything from granola to shredded wheat. Maybe it’s the time of year or maybe it’s the time of wheat, but there’s been a flood of new and updated breakfast products across my desk. The latest is a line of cereal products that are made without artificial flavors or colors, artificial preservatives or trans fats. They are also low in sugar and claim to be cheaper than their more famous counterparts. Sounds good, but they sent me four giant boxes to sample. Sweetened Wheat-fuls, Tasty O’s, Toasted Wheat-Fuls and Raisin Bran. I sighed and poured me a big heaping bowl of the Raisin Bran and topped it off with some whole milk. The raisins were plump and quite sweet, so sweet that no additional sugar was required. The flakes stayed crisp throughout, too. The next day I went for the Sweetened Wheat-fuls, the “lightly sweetened whole grain wheat cereal.” I doused them with the remainder of my milk and ate, with great relish. As for the all-natural claim, that’s good. As for the claims of being cheaper, I can’t say because mine were free. In short: If I ever get the urge to eat cereal again, which is doubtful since I’ve had so much in the past month, Mom’s Naturals is what I’d buy.
Very tasty and a good value. Now, if someone would send me some grits.